First Step Planning

This planning is an effective starting point to ensure that your fundamental estate planning needs are addressed.

As part of the First-Step Planning process, we will help to identify any additional estate planning issues and conduct a review of your insurance, investment, disability, and retirement plans. If needed, we will guide you to appropriate professionals for further assistance.

Last Will & Testament

- Indicates how your personal effects and other probate assets are to be distributed at death;
- Designates an executor or personal representative to carry out your wishes;
- Designates a guardian for any children who are under the age of majority at your death; and
- Prevents mismanagement of an inheritance by establishing a trust for younger beneficiaries with distributions of principal at various ages and additional distributions as needed for health, education, maintenance, and support.



General Durable Power of Attorney

- Appoints an individual to handle your financial affairs if you become disabled/incapacitated.

Designation of Health Care Surrogate

- Appoints an individual to make your healthcare decisions if you become disabled or otherwise incapacitated.

HIPAA Authorization

- Authorizes release of information by your healthcare providers in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Living Will Declaration

- Instructs your physicians with regard to life-prolonging measures and medical treatment when you are in an irreversible state and death is imminent.